Until I am able to get more information up on the town of Tingley, I want to share a long-time love of the town and the area around the town with the Tingley community.
We heard from this nice lady nearly a year ago and wanted to be able to make the information she has available to those whose families would have a connection with hers through school, geography, or acquaintance.

My name is Jane Buck and I live in Ankeny.

I was married to William J. (Bill) Buck in 1950. Bill was born June 23, 1923 and died in Atlantic, IA on November 28, 1982 after losing a two year courageous battle with cancer.

Bill's parents, John and Ruth Buck, lived on a farm north of Mt. Ayr and on the road west of Wishard Chapel. About 3 years ago, my daughter from Raleigh, NC was visiting me, and we drove there to see the "home place". IT WAS GONE!! We just sat aghast in the car, again with tears. That farm gave us memories to last an entire lifetime plus. Can anyone tell me what happened to it, or is there something in the Record News that would tell?

Bill graduated from Tingley in 1939 and I have lots and lots of old pictures, certificates, documents and the like. Would you be interested in them? I would be only too happy to scan them through to you for use whenever YOU have the time. That area was very much a part of my life for the two years I dated Bill and for the 32 1/2 years of marriage we were given before his death in 1982.


Jane Buck

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