Quinn Cemetery

Located SE 1/4 Section 15, T70, R30, Jefferson Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. Recorded for the Ringgold County Historical Society in 1978 by Mrs. Betty Ruby and Mrs. Ruth Bailey of Diagonal, Iowa. Very few monuments remain to indicate burials. Information has been compiled from the few monuments and a list left by Clarenda Bell Quinn Baker before her death in 1941. Mrs. Baker states as follows:
On the west side - graves of 3 Holt children, then the twin sons of William and Susan Cosner. On the south -  baby of George and Addie Haze, next Mary R. Quinn -- first person buried there in 1857. Then Joseph and Deborah Harson Quinn, next the children of William and Sarah Hunter Quinn: Albert, Mary, Frank, Ward, and Johnny. Then on the north - the children of G.W. Williams, Mr. Watts and Mr. Keller and his sons. Continuing on the north side near the Keller graves are the children of Mordicia Smith. Mr. McHarry is buried on the extreme east side. Burials with monuments at this time:

Code Name Born Died Aged
#3 Quinn, Joseph   1-22-1869 1y 10m 17d
#2 Quinn, Mary R.   3-16-1857 29y 8m 9d
#4 Smith, Jonas J.   4-30-1867 6m 9d
#1 Williams, Francis M.   4-8-1857 6y 4d
#1 Williams, Mary Frances   7-19-1862 2y 23d

In the past the Society has refrained from listing burials where there are no monuments. Exception is made by listing the following whom we understand are buried in Quinn Cemetery.

Mr. Andrews Knight, Mrs. William Quinn, Mary
Cosner, twin boys Mr. McHarry Quinn, Joseph
Haze, baby Quinn, Albert Quinn, Mary D.
Holt -- 3 children Quinn, Deborah Quinn, Sarah
Mr. Keller Quinn, Frank Quinn, Ward
Keller, sons Quinn, John Quinn, William Knight
Knight, William Quinn, Mrs. Joseph Smith, James J. - died 8-30-1867 - aged 5m 9d
Smith -  children Mr. Watts  

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