Polen, Iowa was a little town in Ringgold County, made up of a post office and general store in one building, and a blacksmith shop. It was used from 1891 to 1901 when it was closed and the Lenox post office took its mail route for several years; later the route was assigned to Diagonal.

Polen was located in Lincoln Twp., section 9 and was started by a man named Samuel Polen, who was the grandfather of Hugh Davenport of Diagonal. Mr. Polen moved to Union County and the farm was sold to Robert G. Snodgrass. Gus Freeman took over the store and post office while it was still in business.

Later the farm was sold to John S. Davenport. The buildings were located where Russell Davenport's saw mill was located as of 1988. When he dug for the sawdust pit he found several broken bricks.

The garage, which was then a shed, the cave, and post office house, were the original farm buildings, and one still stands on the Davenport farm.

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