Our Three Rings

Rick: I grew up and graduated in Diagonal...the sixth generation of the Wileys to live here. I really enjoy my volunteer work as web site coordinator of the Ringgold County website for genealogy and history research. We keep ourselves very busy supporting our hometown, our school district,our county, and our country.

Sherry: I graduated from McKean High School, Wilmington, Delaware, and Central Missouri State University ( now called the University of Central Missouri), Warrensburg. I hope friends will take time to let us know you stopped by. Rick & I created this new family circus when we married ten years ago. We have terrific family support, beautiful grown up children, a happy home, and good jobs. All in all, a FANTASTIC life!! Thanks be to God!

Michael & Nathan (Williams, that is) are the two oldest of our blended five children.

Andrew, Tony, and Allison (Wiley, that is) are the other half of this blended family.

They are the seventh generation of Wileys in Diagonal...

All the "children" are grown adults, but their lives are their business; therefore, they are protected and loved by parents who safeguard their privacy.


We invite you to visit our hometown, and our county
---here on the web, or in person---
anytime you are in the neighborhood.

We have so much to offer, and are always happy to welcome family and friends, old or new!!


We love Diagonal, Iowa!!



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light_bullet2 Diagonal, Iowa today!


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light_bullet2Come HOME to Ringgold County--A GREAT place to LOVE!!!

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