Ringgold County Obituaries--1876 to the present

The following obituaries have been scanned from the Mt. Ayr Record-News. We would like to thank Alan Smith, Tom Hawley, and the office crew for their patience while we continue to add obituaries from their files.
Our time and ability to continue to scan these records are limited by our personal lives, availability of the documents, and finances.
Some of the obituaries are not scannable due to their position in the paper. We will include those names in the list and will try to do a lookup if requested. Please keep in mind that not every person who died had an obituary published. It is also very important to note that due to the fragile condition of the paper, not everything published can safely be scanned.
Not all persons living in Ringgold County who did have an obituary published would have had it published in the Mount Ayr newspaper. Several newspapers no longer exist and finding their records, files, and/or original pages is impossible. They may simply no longer exist.
As much as we would like to do this research for a living, we have other jobs that do not allow us the time and energy to travel all over the county looking for the most elusive of documents.


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