Miscellaneous Ringgold County Burials

Alloway - No evidence of burials at this time. Probable location in Sec 17, T68, R31, Benton Township, Ringgold County. Burials are believed to be that of Alloway children.

Southwest of Redding - Probable location was in SW1/4 of the SE1/4 Sec 15, T67, R31, Clinton Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. No evidence at this time. Records show these burials:

Hatley - a man

Poor, Amanda died 1857

Barker, Mrs. W. G.

Fisher Cemetery - May also have been called Westerfield. Located NW1/4 Sec 1, T67, R31, Clinton Township, Ringgold County. Old timers say this was located near a pioneer trail on the way to Mormantown, whose name was later changed to Blockton.

Mitchell, Elizabeth Target (Mrs. Ira)

Fisher children

Westerfield, Jim

In Northeast Mount Ayr in the area of the 700 block on the east side of North Hayes Street.

Merrill, Will d 7-3-1884, son of J.T.Merrill

Monroe Township, Sec 9, T69, R28. Some travelers buried at this location.

Liberty Township, Sec 25, T69, R29. Some children buried at this location. Probable name of Jackson.

Lotts Creek Township, Sec 15, T67, R29. Two Civil War soldiers buried here. Some sort of markers here at one time.

Jim Keelin d.10-1872 - buried somewhere in Benton Township.

Imus, Florence and Martha. Two girls buried S1/2, Sec 10, T69, R29, Liberty Township. Two more Imus children buried SW1/4, Sec 5, T69, R29, Liberty Township close to Hwy #169.

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