Lesan was a former railroad station on the CB&Q railroad. It was located 5 miles east of Mt. Ayr. It held a post office from 1884-1899.

The area in this railroad station's vicinity was known as Lesanville, in Poe Township, Ringgold County, Iowa.

The following fifteen article segments are scanned from the Mt. Ayr Record-News, and together comprise a serial history of the Poe Township neighborhood of Lesanville.

The history was prepared and submitted to the newspaper by Arthur L. Lesan in May, 1931.

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Families settle, first babies born, & schools established

Schooling, Families in the neighborhoods, & Sweet Home Cemetery established

Smokehouse School and others & Sabbath School

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Early church Services & Joseph Smith's son preaches

(after a small interruption) Grist Mills, Lumber Mills, Saw Mills

Postal routes; Early Farm Machinery & Implements

Corn Dropping (Planting)

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Hay Harvesting & Threshing

Mowers, Reapers, & Binders

Grass, Hay, Pasture, & Livestock

Going to Market

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This Little Piggy Went to Market

New Pants for Rev. Brown

Bluegrass Comes Home to Live


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