Keller Cemetery

Located in NW1/4 Sec 31, T70, R30 Jefferson Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. Recorded for the Ringgold County Historical Society by Don and Esther Butt., Diagonal, Iowa and Arlene Sobotka, Diagonal, Iowa.


Name Born Died Age
Cook, J. W.   1913  
Cook, Nancy 1862 1936  
Keller, Benjamin   1860 62y
Keller, Benjamin F. 1849 1933  
Keller, Clarinda E.   1861 4y
Keller, Daniel   1867 43y
Keller, Drucilla J.   1864 2y
Keller, Eleanor   1856 58y
Keller, Lucinda M.   1863 11y
Keller, Margaret      
Keller, Mary C. 1857 1889  
Keller, Maude C.      
Keller, Silas B.   1880 19y
Morris, Elvie R. 1886 1931  
O'Brian, John   1898 82y
Powell , John 1805 1860  
Smith, Albert B   1887  

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