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Hi! We are Rick & Sherry Wiley, and we have created
this web site because we love, support, and believe in the future of Ringgold County, Iowa.

Welcome to Ringgold County, Iowa!

   If you have an interest in Ringgold County genealogy, history, and current events, you need to know that I believe in helping
Ringgold County Families and Friends find and nurture their roots in Iowa soil.

Ringgold County

My wife and I are dedicated to keeping genealogy free and accessible to all
who would seek to know their family histories better.

   We welcome you to join us in this cause in Ringgold County, Iowa -- and wherever your family tree branches may spread!

Quick Find Index of related links

Iowa Information Network--maps of Ringgold County, Iowa

Samuel B. Ringgold

Diagonal Community Schools

Mount Ayr Community Schools

Mount Ayr Chamber of Commerce Cookbook available for YOU!

Green Hills AEA Creston, Iowa

Southwestern Community College

Official Iowa GenWeb Ringgold County Home Page

Civil War Soldiers

Ringgold County Courthouse--history and research helps

Some of these links will require the viewer to resize the page in order to read comfortably. Some will require the reader to use the brower's back arrow to return to our home screen.
your journey through the history and genealogy helps presented here for Ringgold County, Iowa!!

1879-80 part one of "Ringgold County As She Is"
(from Morris & Allyn's Land Journal)

1879-80 part two of "Ringgold County As She Is"
(from Morris & Allyn's Land Journal)

1856 Census of Mount Ayr Township

1860 Census of Ringgold County

Townships of Ringgold County--circa 1915

History of Bohemian Settlers (thanks to Louise Zaruba)

Pioneer Towns of Ringgold County

Current Towns of Ringgold County

Ringgold County Schools--as of 1889--coming soon!

Ringgold County High School Alumnae Lists

Mayors of Ringgold County Towns---more coming soon!

Postmasters of Ringgold County Towns---updated with new research

American Legion's Bicentennial Memorial Project

Ringgold County Cemeteries

Ringgold County Obituaries--updated with new research

Credits & Thank Yous

Come HOME to Ringgold County, Iowa to visit us AND...

Our Nearest Neighbors:

Adams County, Iowa
Clarke County, Iowa
Decatur County, Iowa
Taylor County, Iowa
Union County, Iowa
Worth County, Missouri
Harrison County, Missouri
Nodaway County, Missouri
Other Genealogy Resources:

Mount Ayr Record-News
122 W. Madison St.
Mount Ayr, IA 50854
(641) 464-2440

Mount Ayr Public Library
121 W. Monroe St.
Mount Ayr, IA 50854
(641) 464-2159

Our Families in Ringgold County and elsewhere
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United States Resources
State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries

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School Work
Homework Help

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