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We are researching the ancestors of Rick and Sherry Wiley of Diagonal, Iowa. We are researching almost all surnames connected to us by blood or marriage, and looking to create a complete family tree. At this moment, we will leave the investigation of the Williams' sides of the families to Michael and Nathan to do when they get time.

We know how complicated this can become, but we are VERY excited about finding all our branches.

We welcome contacts and questions from all over the country.

Names we are currently researching include: Wiley, Stewart, Pine, Hickman, Hart, Scudder, Wyckoff, Goddard, Simmons, Ferguson, Campbell, Wray, Turpin, Brown, Farmer...

There are certain locales that seem to be our paths across the country to each other. We know for sure that we have footprints in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and, of course, Iowa.

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Our Historical Roots

Come HOME to Ringgold County, Iowa

Our genealogy project is in no way affiliated with any other genealogy project.    However, we ARE grateful for any assistance you can render and we would be HAPPY to share our information with you!!