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            On January 31, 1889 a new town is being planned at the crossing of the H. & S. and Diagonal railroads. The first name proposed is "Hak-a-dady". By the end of February, Morton is now the name of the new town. This is named after Gov. O.P. Morton of Indiana. Finally in March of 1889 the name is now Diagonal. Mr. Josiah Lateer has laid out a plat of 15 blocks. Most of Goshen will move businesses and homes to the new town. Knowlton has no interest in moving to a large city. By 1896 Knowlton had changed its mind and started the migration to Diagonal.

            Like many of the small towns in the county, Diagonal had its share of various businesses. At one time, Diagonal boasted of having 5 different denominational churches. In its heyday, Diagonal's population topped 600. Currently it has dwindled down to half of that.

Main Street looking north-1914 Main Street looking north-2000
Main Street looking south-pre 1909 Main Street looking south-2000
Aerial view-1978

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