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Welcome to Diagonal, Iowa!!!

   We are VERY happy to welcome you to our hometown.


Our Home Town

Letís take the route of Ď66
it will be a good place to start.
Eventually it will lead us
to a place dear to our hearts.

With slacken speed we round the curve.
The cemetery comes into view.
The thoughts of loved ones resting there,
makes me a trifle blue.

The depot, a cherished landmark
was only lately torn down.
Trains that traveled the now abandoned rails
played an important place in our town.

The next thing I view with pleasure,
and always proves to be a thrill.
Itís the main street of Diagonal,
nestled on the side of a hill.

The school stands stately on the hill.
It has produced nurses, missionaries and preachers,
Doctors and successful business men
and lots of efficient teachers.

We may wander far and near
and to far distant places roam.
Our heart is still in Diagonal,
a place we are proud to call HOME.

By Bessie Taylor Perry

    Just as our lives change constantly, so will this link to our friendly town, so please feel welcome and come back often.


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