Ringgold County Census of 1860

The following information has been supplied through the assistance of the Mount Ayr Public Library.
This index will guide the location of family surnames within these eighty-one pages.

Page 1
Abarr, Ables, Ackly, Acres, Adams, Adington, Albertson
Page 2
Albertson (cont'd), Alberty, Aldrich, Alexander, Alison, Allen, Alling, Alloway
Page 3
Amarine, Anderson, Andrew, Andrews, Armstrong
Page 4
Arnett, Yashack (misspelled as "Ashek"), Ashforde, Atkinson, Azler, Bailey, Bains, Baird
Page 5
Baird, Baker, Ball, Barber, Bastow
Page 6
Baumann, Beagle, Beal (in Yashack household), Beall, Bear, Beard, Beck
Page 7
Beck (cont'd), Beaman, Bemer, Bemis, Bennette, Bennett, Benson
Page 8
Bever, Bevinton, Blackmore, Blades, Blair, Blakesly, Bonner
Page 9
Bonner (cont'd), Bowers, Boyd, Bradley, Brady, Breckinridge, Bridges, Brittain
Page 10
Brittian (misspelled?), Broadwater, Brooks, Brown
Page 11
Buck, (Miller in Buck household), Bunker, Burkey, Burkhamer, Butler, Byerly, Byers, Cabaret
Page 12
Cain, Calm, Callie, (Milton Matter in Callie household), Campbell, Canny
Page 13
Caplinger, Cardwell, Carman, Carroll, Carter, Case
Page 14
Casner, Casteel, Casteal, Castor, Cavett, Cavile (Annie Patterson in Cavile household), Chambers
Page 15
Chambers (cont'd), (Duffy in Chambers household), Chance, Clark,Claybug, Clayton, Clone, Coffin, Cohol
Page 16
Conley, Connelly, Cook, (Mariah Van Dyke in Cook household), Cooksey, Cooper
Page 17
Copeland, Cornelison,Cornwall, Cossant, Crawford, Cree, Cummins
Page 18
Dady, Dake, Dale, (Gallian in Dale household), Daniel, Daniels, Dawson (or Samson), Day, DeLong
Page 19
Denhart, Dennis (Russell in Dennis household), Deomand, Devere, DeWitt, Dickey
Page 20
Dickey (cont'd), Dickson, Dillenburg, Divire, Donnelly, Doze, Drake
Page 21
Drenan (Straton in Drenan household), Driden (Daniel in Driden household), Dritigler, Duffy, Dugan, Dunlap
Page 22
Dunlap (cont'd), Dunning, Dunshee, Dutton, Eaton, Edinger, Egly, Elam
Page 23
Elliott, Everly, Farmer, Fellows, Fishback, Flick, Forsuth, Fornk
Page 24
Foster, Frances, Frederick, Freeman, Freshwater, Fridlay, Frasier
Page 25
Frasier, Friend, Fulse, Gale, Gard
Page 26
Gard, Garison, Gerder (Genden?), Gibson, Gillett, Gilliland
Page 27
Gilwreath, Ginkins, Gleason, Glendenning, Glines, Golden, Golliday, Goodel (Goodell), Gorman, Goughnour
Page 28
Graves, Gray, Green, Griffin, Griffith, Grimes
Page 29
Groves, Gure (Guse?), Gustin, Guy, Hacker
Page 30
Hagans, Haines, Hall, Hamilton, Hankins
Page 31
Harvey, Hardisty, Harland, Harney, Harrow, Harshman, Havey, Hatch
Page 32
Hattig (or Hattley?) (Daniel Bailey in Hattig household), Hattly, Haycook, Hedge, Hedges, Heitzel, Helm, Hentz
Page 33
Hentz (or Henly?), Heriman, Hess, Hessenflow, Higgins (Ginkins in Higgins household), Highfield, Hill
Page 34
Hilzer, Hinkley, Hodges, Hodgin, Holt, Homes, Hooker, Hopkins, Howe
Page 35
Howe (cont'd) (Sarah Brooks in Howe household), Huff, Huffman (John Rence in Huffman household), Hughes (John Byers in Hughes household), Hulett, Hulse, Humphreys
Page 36
Humphreys (cont'd), Huston, Ihrig, Imus (Innis?), Jacoby
Page 37
Jessup (Jezek--look up on page 4), Johnson, Johnston
Page 38
Jones, Joseph, Judy, Jordan, Kackley, Keith, Keller
Page 39
Keller, Kent, Kindblade, Kinsel, Kirker, Kirkham
Page 40
Kirkham (cont'd), Lamb (William Stephens in Lamb household), Lame, Lample, Landers, Lantz, Layles (or Lagles?), Layton
Page 41
Layton, Leash (Teash or Trush?), Ledgerwood, Lesan
Page 42
Lewis, Leild, Lindsay, Lininger, Long
Page 43
Long, Look, Lorimor, Lot, Lovewell (3 Ogdens in Lovewell household), Low
Page 44
Lucas, Lytte (Lytle?), Mabey, MacNay, Marshall (Nunn & Brady in Marshall household)
Page 45
Martin, Marts, Matter, Maudlin, McCarty, McClain
Page 46
McCloullough, McCray, McFarland, McGaughey, McGuire, McIntire, McIntosh
Page 47
McIntosh (cont'd), McKinley, McKracken, McMullin
Page 48
McPheeters, MacReynolds, McRunnels, McRennels, Mereis, Merkling
Page 49
Merritt, Miller
Page 50
Miller, Millesaps, Millinger, Millsap, Moffit, Mokeer
Page 51
Molten, More, Morris, Morrison, Myers, Newton, Nelson
Page 52
Nelson (cont'd), Nichols, Nickles, Nobles, Nulph, Nunn (shown in Marshall household also)
Page 53
O'Gallion, Ogden, Ogles, Oliver, Omar, Oshell, Page, Parker
Page 54
Parker, Parmer, Parsons, Patch, Patrick, Patterson
Page 55
Patterson, Payne, Pedigo (Pedizo?), Perles, Perkins, Perryman, Phillips, Pierce, Pig (Rig), Piper
Page 56
Pitman, Plotner, Poor, Porter
Page 57
Powell, Powers, Preston, Putoff
Page 58
Raines, Ralston, Ratican, Ray, Remboldt, Reed, Reynolds
Page 59
Reynolds (cont'd), Rice, Richards
Page 60
Richards (cont'd), Richardson, Richey (also David Marshall), Richison, Rickabaugh, Rickenbaugh, Riley, Roudabush, Robinson
Page 61
Robinson, Rodgers, Rofs?, Romans, Roylston, Ruby
Page 62
Ruby (cont'd), Runnels, Runnion
Page 63
Russell, Russel, Sry, Saltzman, Sanford, Schlapia, Schock
Page 64
Schocky, Schooler, Schroy, Schulz, Sens, Shafer (Lovewell in Shafer household)
Page 65
Shaha, Shanie, Sharp, Shaw, Shay
Page 66
Sheldon, Shepard, Shidler, Shirer (Rerler in Shirer household), Shittie, Simpson
Page 67
Sines, Skidmore, Skinner, Slaughter, Smith
Page 68
Smith, Snider, Snodgras
Page 69
Soles, Spooner, Stahl (Bemon in Stahl household), Stephen, Stephens, Sterling
Page 70
Stricklain, Stranahan, Straton, Strous, Stuart
Page 71
Stuart, Stuck, Sullivan, Summers, Swaggart, Swain, Swan, Switzer, Tarns, Taggart
Page 72
Talbot, Tally, Tardy, Taylor, Tedro, Terwilliger, Therber
Page 73
Thomas, Thompson, Timmons, Tipton, Tirry, Toman, Townsend
Page 74
Trask, Trullinger, Tucker, Turner, Vandyke, Vest
Page 75
Vest (cont'd), Vorhies, Walden, Wallace, Walters
Page 76
Walters, Warner, Watson, Waugh, Webster
Page 77
Weddle (2 Sullivans in Weddle household), Weeks, Welsh, Whitcomb, White
Page 78
White, Whitman, Wiley
Page 79
Wiley, Williams, Williamson, Willson, Wilson
Page 80
Wilson, Wisdom, Withlow, Withrow, Wolf, Woodred, Woods, Wren, Yokum
Page 81
Young, Younger, Yashack (look on page 4)

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