Cabaret Cemetery

Located NE1/4 Sec 11, T69, R31, Grant Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. Recorded for Ringgold County Historical Society by Betty Ruby and Ruth Haley of Diagonal, Iowa in 1978. Updated as of October, 2000 by Rick Wiley of Diagonal.


Name Born Died Age
Cabaret, Elisabeth Wooden

  6-4-1877 32y 10m 7d
Cabaret, Elzira

  5-5-1899 24y 2m 16d
Cabaret, Francis

  11-20-1866 7m
Cabaret, Francis

  4-6-1871 60y 21d
Cabaret, Joseph

Cabaret, Joseph

Cabaret, Laura

  2-17-1877 4y 7d
Cabaret, Lewis

2-28-1837 2-6-1896  
Cabaret, Margaret

  1-30-1876 23y
Cabaret, Rose

  9- -1862 4m
Canny, infant daughter

Canny, Rose

  10-10-1862 1y 10m 18d
Gemmy, Thomas

  12-9-1874 8y 7m 5d
Hannelly, Michael

  4-9-1875 56y
McMullin, Dora A.

  6-12-1877 1m 22d
McMullin, Margarett E.     2y
McMullin, Mary E.   3-13-1877 3y 1m 21d
Tillier, Ida May   2-10-1879  

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