Our ancestors, coming to the rolling hills of Ringgold County as early as 1855, envisioned a bright future for their families and future generations.

This vision became more clear in 1880 with a shrill whistle as the Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy passed westbound through Goshen. In 1885 another shrill whistle was heard as the Chicago Great Western (the Diagonal) made its way southbound through Knowlton.

At a point approximately two miles from each of these newly formed towns, the tracks crossed diagonally, the CB&Q on a creaky bridge, and the CGW on firm ground, each making a welcome sound to the settlers' ears.

This crossing became the hub of activity as passengers changed trains.

By 1888 facilities were needed for meals and lodging. This created a need for other businesses and "DIAGONAL" was officially incorporated in 1888.

The beginning...

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